How To Sell Your Music on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, etc. (and Earn Money)






As an artist or a producer, reaching an audience has never been easier than it is now. A few years back the one and only way to put your money into the company and reach the masses was to use leader record names. It appeared as if the fate of your vocation would be entirely in the hands of others. That may have been in the past, but not in the present. In a genuine sense, innovation has changed numerous aspects of the world, including the music industry. It’s possible to sell your music online and make a lot of money.

It’s in your best interest as a musician to be in all those places and platforms where people are looking for music. Not only do you want to get your music on Spotify and on the most popular services, which you can get through a music distributor, but you also want new listeners to be able to find you through newer platforms and services.

Steps To Sell Your Music Online 

Prepare In Advance

There aren’t many customs to learn before you can start selling your music on the internet or sell your music on Amazon. These are the fundamental specialist views that make the next steps in carefully marketing your music easier. 

You need to be creative when preparing your music so that you can think of digital music distribution. You can’t share your music if you don’t have a collection of cover workmanship. Furthermore, having great top-notch artwork for your song increases your commercial potential even more. Remember that this is frequently the issue that your upcoming audience and admirers will use to contact you. 

Choose a Music Distributor

You’re probably wondering how to put your music on iTunes and other digital marketplaces. To do this, you will need to find a music distributor. Don’t just randomly pick anyone, but do your proper research and see if they stream your music on the platforms where you desire. Moreover, also take feedback from that distributor to ensure they make regular payments. 

MusicDigi is an online music distributor that helps its clients to upload their music on the various favorable platform. clients only have to pay a $59.99 annual fee and they ensure that their songs are streaming on all platforms including social media. Musicians get paid monthly every time their music is purchased by their listeners. Musicians also have all the copyright for their songs. 

Promote Music Online

If you’re a newbie, people need to know about your music. Once you get your music on TikTok, on any other platform, ensure that you let your audience know about it. Thus, all you need to do now is promote your album. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, there are endless ways to do so. 

One of the issues that you can face once you have your music on large platforms is that alternative platforms frequently deceive music composers, resulting in the creators losing their ownership rights to the music. MusicDigi isn’t one of those platforms. They ensure that the ownership of the song remains with the original creator.

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