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Blocked drains are one of the most common reasons for calling a plumber. Blockages can lead to everything from bad smells to water not draining, and even minor problems. Life can quickly turn into a nightmare if these problems continue to grow.

It is possible to fix a blocked drain yourself if you are concerned. Our advice will ensure that everything flows smoothly within no time.

Signs About A Blocked Drain

Blocked drains in Sydney could cause damage to property and pose health risks for both pets and humans. Blocked drains can be identified early as:

Foul Odour

A strange smell may be the first sign you notice. It is typically a sewage-like smell. If this happens, you might be tempted to go into your bathroom to see if there was a problem. Another sign of a blocked drain is:

You probably have gotten used to seeing everything go down the drain. It can be very alarming to see water continue to flow down your drain. If your drain is full, you may have a blockage.

Gurgling Sounds

A gurgling sound indicates that water is clogging the pipe. You may experience this if you have a blockage.

Slow Draining

Your water may pool longer than you expected when you empty the sink or take a shower. Most often, the problem gets worse instead of getting better on its own, which could mean that the blockage is becoming larger.

Causes During A Blocked Water

Although most people take care of their drains properly, it is possible to make errors. Sometimes, regular use can result in blocked drains. There are several common causes.

Tree Roots

However, tree roots can cause problems with your main sewage line. The root will continue to grow and eventually break through the pipe causing a blockage.


While toiletries are necessary, they can block the drain. Toilet paper, baby wipes, and other sanitary products should not go down the drain.

Foreign Objects

If you have children, there is always the chance that they will flush something down the toilet. A blockage can occur when toys or other foreign objects get lodged in the U-bend.

Olive Oil

You shouldn’t put cooking oil in the sink. It is too viscous and won’t flow easily. Instead, it forms clumps along with other food debris to create a blockage.

Food Scraps

Food scraps, like cooking oil don’t belong within your drainage system. This is especially true with coffee grounds.

Mineral Buildup

Constriction is caused when minerals, such as calcium, build up inside your pipes. It may not cause blockages by itself but can lead to other blockages.


Although liquid soap will not block drains, it can cause blockages when solid soap bars get stuck in pipes. To prevent this, a mesh wire guard is used to cover any plug holes.


The blessing and the curse of long hair are both good and bad. It will drop out if you wash your hair in the bathtub or shower. As it does, it can mix with other substances and cause a blockage.

Natural Decrees

You don’t need gutter guards to prevent natural debris from getting into your outdoor drains. This typically means leaves and branches, but dirt and grit can also be included.

Cat Litter

Cat litter expands and clumps when exposed to water. If cat litter gets in your drain, it is more likely to block it.

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