Sundays are defined by their food






What comes to mind when you picture yourself sitting idle in the morning, holding a newspaper, a book, or a cup of coffee? Isn’t it Sunday? Yes, it is a day that everyone looks forward to. Sunday means plenty of time for you and your friends or family. You get up whenever you want and spend the day doing whatever you want. It’s a day devoid of all the rush and bustle, and so on.

You reserve the day for yourself and your family. Do you know what makes Sundays even better? Of course, Sunday lunch! You get to eat almost five courses! Consider a day when you remain at home with your family, away from your business, and eat incredibly great home-cooked meals that you’ve grown up eating. Home-cooked food represents more than simply satisfying our taste sensations for us Indians. Instead, we would prepare and pack our meals every day before going for work.

Sundays are defined by their food
Which canteen Thaali (plate) tastes as wonderful as the Puri (Indian flatbread) and Sabji (curried vegetables) made by your mother, wife, or sister? Don’t get me wrong: in India, women run the kitchens, thus the prior line.


How about they? They are the office-hating, Sunday-loving, food-obsessed animals who live apart from their respective homes. They may be living on their own due to their work, but they still miss their family and friends, as well as home-cooked meals! They would mainly eat from the canteen or meals from outside. However, someone would still seek ‘Mummy ke haat ka bana aloo ka paratha’ (sort of a flatbread that contains spicy potato filling).

One of my uncles used to reside in Hyderabad and would only return home during the Durga Puja vacations. He wouldn’t even leave the home to go pandal hopping. He would remain at home for 10 days, never leaving the house for one second, and then return to Hyderabad, growing both kilogrammes and inches.

Weekends are always enjoyable, and you can make them even more so with food. I’m the kind of person who will spend the whole weekend eating and becoming fat at home. Isn’t there no shame in enjoying food? Yes, your passion for food should be evident; else, what is the point? My brother and cousins and I were once trekking across North India. My parents and I like travelling.

So there was one weekend in Noida when we were yearning some home-cooked cuisine. So one of my cousin sisters suggested that we eat real Bengali cuisine at a restaurant whose name I have forgotten. We discovered a restaurant that not only offered wonderful meals but also had a really homey ambiance.

We also learned that they have branches all around the city. My brother and I, as well as our cousins, were completely blown away by the meal, the environment, and, most importantly, the service. It felt so comfortable that my brother pledged to return and referred to them as one of the greatest family eateries in Noida. So there was one of my several trip weekend tales.

We live in a period where it’s difficult to maintain oneself, much alone spend time with family and friends or eat a substantial dinner. Some of us must leave our loved ones behind for work, adapting to a more frantic lifestyle, while others may remain in their homes with their loved ones.

Finally, food is what defines a Sunday.
We have to get started with whatever life has to give, but it doesn’t mean we have to keep compromising with the basic fact of LIFE. Both good and terrible times will pass, but do you know what will remain?

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